Sports club Aritma

Visit us in the peaceful neighbourhood of Praha 6 - Vokovice. In addition to the year-round sports opportunities (athletics, tennis, basketball, soccer, volleyball, senior exercises, exercises for parents with children, exercises for women), you can also spend time here enjoying other activities.

What the Aritma sports area has to offer

  • teniss – in the SK Aritma area, you can play at clay courts, and there are visitors facilities here, including a sports bar, dressing rooms, restrooms and a shop selling tennis products. In the summer, you can just sit and enjoy the nice view of the courts.
  • badminton – come and play badminton in the SK Aritma area! There are two courts here located in the multifunctional sports hall, including changing rooms, restrooms and a sports equipment rental.
  • the sports hall – including its facilities, is available to you
  • two beach sand courts
  • small soccer field - you can rent a field with third-generation artificial grass