Divoká Šárka

The Divoká Šárka nature reserve is located on the rocky slopes of the Šárecký creek (between the Džbán gorge and the Devil´s Mill (Čertův mlýn) and at the steppes above it. It is one of the most beautiful recreation areas of Prague, where we can find perhaps everything we would normally require from a summer holiday location - high rocks, wild "mountain" brooks, beautiful green meadows, swimming baths with clear and clean water, observation points, rock-climbing terrains or a garden restaurant with a hundred-year tradition.

On the way to the valley, do not miss a short hike to Kozákova buližníková rock to the right from the path. You can then follow the marked footpath along the valley, and you will get to Nebušice, Jenerálka, Zlatnice, Vízerka or back to Veleslavín. You can also visit the natural theatre open-air opera performances organized every year. The access route from the Divoká Šárka tram terminus (starting at the Mc Donald´s) to Šárecké valley is either across the hillforts or (only for physically fit!) along the valley passing the U Veselíka swimming baths, the Dívčí skok garden restaurant going up the steep hill about 200 m at Čertův mlýn along the forest path ).


  • U Veselíka swimming baths - the swimming baths are located in the Šárecké valley called Divoká Šárka. The valley consists of high rocks and the Šárecký creek flowing between them. Just follow the creek, and you will get there. Here, you will find two pools for swimmers, a children´s paddling pool with a maximum depth of 50 cm, a small roller coaster, swings, chutes, a trampoline and a children´s castle. Furthermore, you can play table tennis, foot tennis and volleyball at a closed court.
  • Džbán swimming baths - they offer a pleasant environment, a controlled water quality and enough space in the natural area in the Šárecké valley. The swimming baths are located within the reach of the public transportation, and they have their own parking lot.


  • Džbán gorge - the northern slope of the Šárecký creek canyon under the Džbán dam
  • Brenta - western hillside ending with the rock tower above the Divoká Šárka swimming baths
  • Dívčí skok (Girl´s jump) (also called Koruna Šárky (Šárka´s Crown) - southern, western and northern rock walls of the dominant peak above the restaurant of the same name
  • Půlnoční skála (Midnight Rock) - in a little valley to the north-east next to the Dívčí skok peak
  • Žabák (Male Frog) - a mighty rock massif in the south-western hillside above the Šárecký creek between the Dívčí skok restaurant and Čertův mlýn
  • Hřeben Černých věží (Black Tower Ridge) ( in the north-west closely adjacent to Žabák
  • Čertovy nohavice (Devil´s trousers) - a separate rock on a mild southern slope above Čertův mlýn
  • Last rock - an isolated rock on the northern slope above the debris area at Čertův mlýn

Reserve Hvězda

It is located near the place where on 8. November 1620 the battle of Bílá Hora took place. Visit the English-style park with three alleys and the Hvězda villa with an interesting ground plan – hexagram. Exhibitions, classical music concerts and other cultural and social events take place here.